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“I’m gonna go kill my turkey from the woods. I would go home and bake it for a few hours and put nothing on it. I would eat it with corn. That’s it.” — Brentley Fox from Tori Bugg’s kindergarten class.

Every year, The Mountaineer enlists some help from a local kindergarten class to get ready for their Thanksgiving feast. Students in Chelsea White, Jan Davis, Wendy Underwood and Tori Bugg’s kindergarten classes at Clyde Elementary School offered some pointers on how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey and what they would eat with it.

Ella Coleman - chelsea white.JPG

“First you’re gonna catch it and take the bones out and then cut the bones out. Then you take the eyes out and cook it in an oven for five minutes.” — Ella Coleman from Chelsea White’s kindergarten class

While many of the students had very little hands-on experience preparing the traditional Thanksgiving meal, they were more than happy to take their best shot at providing a turkey recipe that’s sure to make for an unforgettable holiday.

Emma Smith - Mrs. Jan Davis.JPG

“I would put carrots in it and I would put salad in it. You cook it in a pot and put it in the oven for four minutes. You put broccoli inside and stuffing in it.” — Emma Smith from Jan Davis’ kindergarten class

McKenzie Leopard - Wendy Underwood.JPG

“I would get it from the store. I would put it in the oven and cook it for three minutes. Then cut the turkey up and put some chicken on it. My little sister loves chicken. And eat it with cranberry sauce.” — McKenzie Leopard from Wendy Underwood’s kindergarten class

McKenna Turner - Jan Davis.JPG

“You color a T-Rex poem and glue it on a turkey head. Then you glue on the feathers and glue on the feet. You color the feet. The head is green.” — McKenna Turner from Jan Davis’ kindergarten class

Mason Whit - Wendy Underwood.JPG

“You get it from a store. I’d put it on a try and put it in the oven. Turn it up to five so I can cook it for five minutes. I would put gravy on it and put fruit around it and more gravy. And then some more fruit.” Mason Whit from Wendy Underwood’s kindergarten class

Aiden Rajaniemi - Jan Davis.JPG

“A peacock. I would make it just like a turkey. Put it in the oven then cook it. I would cook it for 20 minutes and probably put salt on it. Nothing else.” — Aiden Rajaniemi from Jan Davis’ kindergarten class

Andromeda Lee - Tori Bugg.JPG

“I don’t know, I haven’t made turkey. Maybe I’d put it in a pot for 10 minutes. I don’t like seasoning. It makes me sneeze. I would get it at Walmart and have mashed potatoes with it because I love them. And gravy I guess. I like gravy.” — Adromeda Lee from Tori Bugg’s kindergarten class

Gretta Haithcox - Sabrina Taylor.JPG

“I would cook it for two minutes. I’d put ketchup on it and more sauce and salt.” — Gretta Haithcox from Sabrina Taylor’s kindergarten class

Cash Sutton - Sabrina Taylor

“I’ll kill it. I would cook it first — for four minutes. I would put hot sauce on it and salt and eat it with macaroni and cheese. And that’s all I’d do.” — Cash Sutton from Sabrina Taylor’s kindergarten class

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