Haywood History

Haywood County has been “blessed” with two full-scale blizzards in the last 100 years. And while the “Storm of the Century” in 1993 was an adventure and ordeal, people who remember the St. Patrick’s Day storm of 1936 say that was the storm “t… Read more

Here is a resolution for you, one that ties the New Year to our past and preserves it for the future. Encourage, request, even beg your older relatives to write down or record their memories. Each time one of our seniors passes on, we lose pr… Read more

Haywood County was carved out of the western portion of Buncombe County in 1808, and in 1828, the western part of Haywood County became Macon County. Yet another county was formed in 1851, when parts of Haywood and Macon counties were combine… Read more

Thanks to the brilliant marketing of the late Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton, and the clever marketing after his death by Maggie Valley entrepreneurs, mountain moonshining’s reputation as a romantic and exciting venture has thrived in Haywood County. Read more