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You might be surprised to learn how often people misjudge the size of the mattress they need, and purchase one which is too small for their actual usage.

A good rule of thumb when purchasing a mattress is to go larger than you think you might need, assuming that a larger mattress will still fit within your bedroom.

One of the reasons that buying a smaller mattress generally doesn't work out well is that most people are fairly active in their sleep. Research has shown that an average person will move upwards of 40 times in a single night, and that will include at least a dozen complete body turns.

When you've chosen a mattress which is too small, it will be very easy to come in conflict with your sleeping partner during the night, or you might actually even find yourself on the floor.

If you happen to have a partner who is also very active during sleep, it could be that both of you have a fairly uncomfortable sleep session, and that neither of you achieves a restful period of sleep. Here's a breakdown of the various mattress sizes, and how you might choose to use them.

Twin mattresses

Twin mattresses are generally appropriate for shorter individuals such as children, or they may be necessary because of space considerations like a college dorm or a big city apartment. The dimensions for a twin mattress are 39×75 inches, and that makes a twin mattress the smallest available size you can purchase.

Parents will often choose twin mattresses for their children as a way of transitioning them out of the crib and into a real bed. However, more and more parents these days are choosing to immediately set their children up in a queen-size mattress, so they'll have room to grow, and so a smaller bed won't need to be replaced during the teen years.

Full-sized mattresses

Full-size mattresses are sometimes confused with twin mattresses, because they are 75 inches long just like a twin mattress would be. However, a full-size mattress is 54 inches wide, and that's a full 15 inches wider than a twin size would be. This size mattress is probably not appropriate for a couple, since it only leaves 27 inches of space for each partner, and if either one is an active sleeper, this simply won't be enough.

In fact, 27 inches of sleeping space is less than a baby has in its crib. At any rate, a full size mattress is often chosen by parents as a better alternative to the twin mattress size, if they don't want to put their children in a queen-size just yet. A full size mattress might also be appropriate for a single sleeper, with no partner to contend with at night.

Queen-sized mattresses

These are probably the single most popular size of mattresses purchased in this country, and they're a really good fit for master bedrooms which hold larger beds. At 60×80 inches, the dimensions of a queen-size mattress make it an excellent first mattress for a couple, and in time you may want to graduate to a king-sized mattress.

There are also a great many single individuals who prefer having the roominess of a queen-size mattress all to themselves, so they can spread out at night and be as active as they want to.

King-sized mattresses

While king-sized mattresses have the same 80 inch length as a queen-size mattress, they also have a huge 76 inches of width. This means that no matter how active you or your partner may be, you'll still be able a stretch out at night and not disturb each other.

This is the largest mattress size available, and it provides the most sleeping space of any mattress currently sold. Other than custom-manufactured mattresses, king-sized mattresses provide the very most sleeping space and comfort for a couple to share.

Where to purchase

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Joe Afanso, Owner

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