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Have you noticed lately that your house is getting smaller? There's less living space than there used to be, and you can't move around as freely as when you first moved in.

It isn't that the House Fairy dusted your dwelling overnight and caused it to shrink. You have been causing it to shrink by accumulating junk over the past few years and letting it take up space in your home.

If you want to get back to enjoying the kind of space you once had in your home, it's time to put your foot down and reclaim that space from the House Fairy.

Basement cleanout

This may be the biggest battlefield in your war against clutter because chances are you've been piling things up in your basement, simply because it's one of the biggest areas in your house.

Everything you've purchased or have been given that doesn't have its own set place is likely to end up in the basement where it's out of sight and doesn't intrude.

You may even have boxes of stuff still stored in the basement from when you first moved into this house. The fact that those boxes are still down in the basement, untouched, should tell you that you just don't need whatever's inside them.

Donate the goods inside to someone who really needs them, or just toss them, because they won't be doing you any service in the future.

Storage cleanout

If you have a storage area, either on the premises or off-site somewhere, you had best prepare yourself before cleaning it out.

By preparing yourself, we mean both physically and emotionally. Have some help on hand who can assist you with heavier items that need to be dealt with, so you don't just put off their removal or ignore them entirely.

Emotionally, the experience could be a bit draining, especially if you encounter a number of items that have sentimental value, or remind you of happy times in your life.

Be ready to make some tough decisions on whether this sentimental material should be kept, or whether it's time to let go.

Garage and shed cleanout

Both of these areas are very commonly abused by full-blown hoarders and lightweight hoarders. The best approach might be to just pull everything out, and pile it in the driveway so you can see exactly what you've got.

You might be surprised to find that you've still got that punctured kiddie swimming pool from 10 years ago, or the huge toolset your husband bought 15 years ago but never used around the household.

This step will give you a chance to see the obvious things that have to be tossed, and you'll have some time to start considering the borderline cases as well.

Having removed everything will also give you the opportunity to wash the garage or shed down before replacing those items which still have value and usefulness.

Attic cleanout

There are a few good reasons why you should clean out your attic, and not all of them relate to clutter removal. Once you've removed everything from your attic, you'll be able to conduct a good inspection of the area.

If there are any cracks or points of entry where the weather can come in, you may have mold growing somewhere up there. You should also inspect your insulation to make sure it's still up to snuff and hasn't been chewed away by varmints that have taken up residence.

And speaking of varmints, look closely for any droppings because they will need to be dealt with before you replace your attic possessions. Then, it will be a good idea to dust the place down and give it a good sweeping before restoring those items which you intend to keep.

Cleaning out these major areas of your household can be a huge task, but if you address it seriously, you may find that your house is twice as big as it used to be.

S&S Waste Services can help should you consider using a Roll Off Dumpster to remove these unwanted items.

Dustin Smith, Owner

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