A new water-based, touchless massage business has opened in Waynesville. Take 10 Aqua Massage at 1446 Dellwood Road features the Aqua Massage Machine designed and engineered to deliver “unparalleled pain and stress relief while you remain clothed, dry and comfortable, in as little as 10 minutes,” said owner Karla Wood.

“Simply remove your shoes and lay down on the cushioned base. Your head and forearms remain outside the unit. The cover, with its waterproof liner, closes and the session begins,” she said. “Next, the waterjet bar assembly travels continuously over your body from toes to the base of the neck, spraying heated water from 36 individual acupressure waterjets around three sides of your body.”

It’s called touchless massage because the water does the work. Users can control the intensity (pressure) and frequency (pulsing) to maximize their comfort. By pressing a button, customers can hold the water on whatever body part needs it the most. Because it’s water, there are no hard rollers or other devices that impact the body, which prevents bruising.

“The benefits are serious, too — muscle and joint pain relief, reduced muscle tension, increased blood flow and circulation, stress relief, reduced anxiety, improved sleep and greater relaxation,” Wood said.

Wood nicknamed the units the “dream machines” for two reasons: they work like a dream and most people feel so comfortable they drift off to sleep, especially with a 15-minute or longer session. Most people take 10 or 15 minutes to relax and recharge.

Even at peak times, there aren’t long waits, Wood noted.

“And there is a fun part,” Wood said. “The atmosphere is awesome — enjoy the Northern Lights on the ceiling and walls as you enter the aqua colored room. The machines kind of make people feel all sci-fi/hi tech. Ditch your shoes and glasses. Slide into one of the dream machines and melt worries and pain away. Finish happy.”

Collect 10 bubbles through the loyalty program and receive a free massage. Buy gift certificates in person or online at Take 10’s Facebook page.

“Take 10 Aqua Massage is for everyone — young and young at heart,” Wood said. “If you catch my 6-year-old grandson (who may be the basis for the logo image) Taking 10, you’ll hear peals of laughter as the water tickles his feet. Take 10 is fun, fast and effective.”

Take 10 is open every evening from 5-8 p.m. every evening and from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Sessions can also be scheduled during the week day; Wood recommends 30-minute sessions.

Take 10 is across the road from Ammons restaurant, at 1446 Dellwood Rd., Waynesville. Follow Take 10 Aqua Massage on Facebook or call 828-734-6910.

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