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If you are looking for an affordable advertising solution for your business, you should consider a yard sign. No matter where you live, you have run across yard signs, also known as bandit signs, along the road — especially during election season, as potential candidates tend to place them everywhere.

So why are lawn/yard signs so prevalent? Because they are affordable and can be purchased in bulk. Another benefit of these corrugated plastic signs is that they are easy to set up and takedown.

It is as easy as pushing the metal stakes into the earth. No tools are required to stake them into the ground. That is why you find yard signs along medians, in the grass, along gravel roads, in parks, and other landscaped areas.

These small signs are attention-grabbers and can give your business or campaign exposure that you would not otherwise receive. All you need is a busy intersection — especially near red lights — and legwork to set them out.

Uses for yard signs

With the capability to easily customize lawn signs, they can be created for virtually anything. The possibilities are endless and are used for more than just business purposes. Let’s look at a few examples of ways consumers use personalized yard signs.

Elections and political campaigns — Potential candidates are avid users of the lawn sign to draw attention for their causes and to let the community know they are running for election. Election boards use custom yard signs to remind people to get out and vote.

Contractors — People who contract themselves out for labor such as home builders, pressure washers, roofers, seal coaters, painters, and others all love the affordability and ease of using yard signs as their form of marketing.

Real estate — The simplest way of letting a passerby know that your home or property is for sale is to place custom yard signs at the location. Custom yard signs also make it easy for clients who are looking to purchase your home to find it if they have never been there before.

Business service ads — If a business is new to an area or gearing up for significant sales event yard signs can quickly draw attention to when it is going to happen. Your yard sign can be customized to let the community know that a new store is opening, what services you offer, or an upcoming sale.

Fundraiser and event signs — Yard signs may not be immediately at the top of your list if you are hosting a fundraiser, but they should be considered if you wish to draw in a large crowd. Let everyone know what you are raising money for, and when the event is with ease.

Caution — Customized yard signs are an excellent way to warn people of an area that they should avoid. For example, they can be placed near a sidewalk to let pedestrians know that it is under construction. They can also be customized to direct people around detours.

Personal/homeowner use — Bandit/lawn signs can also be used to let others know to beware of a pet or dog, that your home is monitored and under surveillance, and can be a fun way to wish people happy birthday or happy anniversary. The possibilities for using customizable yard signs are wide open.

Best practices for yard signs

Just because yard signs are readily available and easy to customize does not mean that there are not some things to keep in mind when you are using them.

• To begin with, try not to include every detail of your event or message on the sign when designing. Keep in mind that only so much can be read in the short amount of time someone is at a red light or driving by. Keep the message simple and add an easy way for viewers to contact you.

• When designing, also use bright, bold colors to grab onlookers’ attention, and place your signs in an area where they will not be blocked from views, such as high weeds or grass. Moreover, when you place yard signs out be sure they are in high-traffic areas so you will get the best yield for your investment.

If you are looking to create custom yard signs for your event or business, contact A to Z Signs and Engraving. Whether ordering one, or 1,000, the business offers professional products and has graphic designers on-site to help with all advertising needs.

Jacob Deaver, owner

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