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You might be surprised to learn that the most effective form of traditional advertising is not television, radio, or printed media. In fact, none of those advertising forms is even close to the actual leader — vehicle advertising.

According to Arbitron and Cox Media, the cost per thousand impressions for television is $23.70, for radio $7.75, for newspapers $19.70, and for outdoor signage, $3.56. Vehicle advertising costs about $.35 per thousand impressions, making it the clear winner in terms of return on investment.

How effective is vehicle advertising?

With regards to remembering what is being advertised, vehicle advertising is again the most effective medium among all traditional efforts. A survey conducted by Cox Communications found that nearly 50% of all individuals aged 18-34 had no trouble remembering products they had seen advertised on vehicles, but far fewer could remember any products they'd seen, heard, or read on television, radio, newspapers or magazines.

It has been estimated that a single advertisement on a vehicle could net somewhere between 30,000 and 80,000 impressions every single day.

When a clear message is provided and an effective landing page accompanies that message, it creates a very powerful advertisement which can reach a vast audience and provide excellent return on investment.

A number of studies have shown conclusively that the very best non-digital way to generate more leads and increase sales is to make consistent use of vehicle advertising.

Marketing and branding

Given the fact that such great potential exists for advertising on vehicles, it should be something that you consider incorporating into your overall marketing strategy.

Especially if you have limited market spend, you should keep in mind what a great ROI is possible from this form of advertising. You can get a lot more bang for your buck by appealing to the countless roadway motorists who will pass by your advertising vehicle each day, just looking for something that might stick with them.

While you're making your pitch to all these drivers, it's important that you sell your brand as well as your product. Since these ads are so well-remembered by many drivers, it behooves you to have your brand fixed in their minds as well as any product you might be pitching now.

That way, long after the promotional period has ended for this product, your brand might be recalled by observers, and that could lead to sales of other products as well.

How to create effective vehicle advertisements

Remember that most drivers will be passing your vehicle at speed, which means they won't have much time to digest the information on your ad. That means it should be in a large, easy-to-read font, and that your message should be simple and uncluttered.

If there's too much information there, it will just be confusing and will not be read at all, much less understood. Use colors which make your message standout, for instance a dark background with text and numbers in a lighter color.

You can also use the rear of your vehicle for additional advertising space, and this might come into play when drivers are obliged to stop at a traffic signal.

If you have a great location for your vehicle ad, you should make use of all available space, so you can reinforce the message and drive the point home. Also, don't forget to include a call-to-action, because you won't want to miss the opportunity to have them take some desirable action, after you've gotten their attention.

It can be as simple as you like, for instance "Visit our Website", "Follow us on Social Media", or "Come to our Store". Just make sure you take advantage of the fact that you're using a very effective medium, and that it has the potential to bring in plenty of new customers.

Jacob Deaver, Owner

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