The Haywood County Schools Foundation gave 213 grants to teachers totaling $43,992 Nov. 19, at the Grant Recipient Reception, held at Pisgah High School.

Grants were sponsored by Evergreen Packaging, First Citizens Banks, QuickDraw, the Arc of Haywood County and the Haywood County Schools Foundation. The grants fund resources for teachers and staff to enrich the learning experience for students.

Teachers and staff from across the district applied for the grants this fall, and winners were selected after committees representing each grant reviewed applications.

“We are so happy to be able to partner with area organizations each year to fund these innovative projects,” Haywood County Schools Foundation executive director Jenny Wood said. “Each of these grants that the teachers have created are investing in our students and getting them excited about learning.”

This year, grants will be used to purchase everything from knitting looms for Pisgah’s art class to electricity-conducting paint for the county’s AIG students to virtual-reality headsets for Waynesville Middle Schoolers to view chemical bonding.

“Giving these grants to our local teachers is a way for us to live out our mission as a bank to provide better lives for our community members,” Kevin Wells, First Citizens Bank senior vice president, said. “Reading is the foundation to education and it really does open the world up to children.”

Each grant sponsor has different requirements and focuses of study. The Evergreen Packaging grant focuses on projects that promote math and science. The First Citizens Bank grant provides funding to schools and teachers for reading initiatives. The QuickDraw art grant provides funds for art teachers to purchase materials for art education projects. The Arc of Haywood County grant is for teachers who work with Exceptional Children (EC) in the county.

Professional growth and development are the focus of the Haywood County Schools Foundation grant and is available to teachers, faculty, and staff. Funding for the professional development grants was raised through Haywood County Schools Foundation fundraisers like the Mardi Gras Ball and bingo.

Michelle Mahoney, Pisgah High School science teacher, received both the Evergreen Packaging Math and Science grant and the Haywood County Schools Foundation Professional Development grant.

“As everyone knows, state funding seems to be shrinking every year,” Mahoney said. “These grants from the Foundation and community partners allows our students to be involved in hands-on projects rather than just sitting in a classroom, listening to a lecture.”

Mahoney is using her funding from the Evergreen grant to purchase locks and lockboxes to create escape-room themed review sessions. The review games will focus on everything from mitosis and meiosis to biotechnology.

For information about funding classroom projects, contact Haywood County Schools Foundation executive director Jenny Wood at 828-456-2400.

• 2019-20 ARC Grant Recipients

Kathy Boyer, Bethel; Melissa Collins, Bethel; Gretchen Denton, Bethel Elementary/Middle; Chris Frodsham, Bethel; Jennifer Rigdon, Bethel; Deb Brown, Canton Middle; Talina Royer, Central Haywood; Sarah Floyd, Clyde; Ginny Hawken, Clyde; Amanda Parton, Clyde; Jessica Perry, Clyde; Gloria Rose, Clyde; Jacqueline Willis, Clyde; Melanie Ashe, County-wide; Mary Beth Brown, County-wide; Kim Caron, County-wide; Karen Chambers and Holly Rowan, County-wide; Kathryn Clontz, County-wide; Ashley Dillard, County-wide; Cyrena Goodwin, County-wide; Reah Landau, County-wide; Eunice Ledford, County-wide; Lauren Queen, County-wide; Brittney Rogers, County-wide; Shawn Watts, County-wide; Traci Wike, County-wide; April Wilson, County-wide; Jerimy Rinker, Haywood Community Learning Center; Dawn Gudger, Hazelwood; Angie Ray and Lana Brooks, Hazelwood; Brooke Atwood, Jonathan Valley; Allison Bumgarner, Jonathan Valley; Kristi Blackburn, Junaluska; Rebecca Brown, Junaluska; Alda Chambers, Junaluska; Debra Steinel, Meadowbrook; Michele Burris, North Canton; Emily Fleenor, North Canton; Jessica Igwe, North Canton; Danielle Ramsey, North Canton; Chris Amsler, Pisgah; Lisa Cook, Pisgah; Tammy Inman, Pisgah; Courtney Phillips, Pisgah; Kara Scapin, Riverbend; Casey Hooper, Waynesville Middle; Rebecca Massie, Waynesville/Canton Middle, Tuscola; Casey Roberts, Waynesville Middle; and Kelsey Saxon, Waynesville Middle.

• 2019-20 Evergreen Packaging Math and Science Grant Recipients

Laura Moody, Bethel; Elizabeth Muse, Bethel; Shannon Rock, Bethel; Tiffany Wison, Bethel; Sam Yancey, Bethel; Chris Frodsham, Bethel Middle; Sally Hundley, Bethel Middle; Julie Smith, Bethel Middle; Anita Painter, Canton Middle; Barry Feldman, Central Haywood; Jan Davis, Clyde; Hayley Donaldson, Clyde; Anne Sawdy, Clyde; Wendy Underwood, Clyde; Sandy Harter, Hazelwood; Rebecca Brown, Junaluska; Michele Burris, North Canton; Neisha Cochran, North Canton; Briannah Goodson, North Canton; Valerie Guyer, North Canton; Lori Moody, North Canton; Michelle Mahoney, Pisgah; Chase Smith, Pisgah; John Reilly, Riverbend; Megean Wantz, Tuscola; Noal Castater, Waynesville Middle; and Amanda Wells, Waynesville Middle.

• 2019-20 First Citizens Bank Reading Grant Recipients

Angie Robinson, Bethel;Jade Crawford, Bethel; Ashley Vaughn, Clyde; Jan Davis, Clyde; Sophi Spurrier, Clyde; Kathryn Clontz, County-wide; Mandy Williamson, Hazelwood; Sandy Harter, Hazelwood; Michele Burris, North Canton; Leslie Buchanan, Riverbend; Amanda Wells, Waynesville Middle; Tara O’laughlin, Waynesville Middle; Noal Castater, Waynesville Middle; and Bethany Buchanan, Waynesville Middle.

• 2019-20 Haywood County Schools Foundation Professional Development Grant Recipients

Angela Mchenry, Bethel; Kathy Boyer, Bethel; Laura Moody, Bethel; Melissa Collins, Bethel; Shannon Rock, Bethel; Amy Harrington, Bethel Middle; Anita Clark, Bethel Middle; Barclay Taylor, Bethel Middle; Caroline Lampton, Bethel Middle; Chris Frodsham, Bethel Middle; Crystal Mccracken, Bethel Middle; Daniel Trivette, Bethel Middle; Deidra Boone, Bethel Middle; Dorothea Stewart, Bethel Middle; Emily Fama, Bethel Middle; Jennifer Cody, Bethel Middle; Jennifer Mabry, Bethel Middle; Jennifer Rigdon, Bethel Middle; Julie Green, Bethel Middle; Julie Smith, Bethel Middle; Kendra Plemmons, Bethel Middle; Matthew Golden, Bethel Middle; Michelle Knapik, Bethel Middle; Rachel Sellars, Bethel Middle; Rebecca Smith, Bethel Middle; Ron Hundley, Bethel Middle; Sally Hundley, Bethel Middle; Spencer Reeves, Bethel Middle; Christina Lawerence, Central Haywood; Kathryn Tomassi, Central Haywood; Ashley Cooper, Clyde; Hayley Donaldson, Clyde; Tenisea Higgins, Clyde; Anita Painter, Canton Middle; Carol German, Canton Middle; Jessica Coward, Canton Middle; Kathryn Clontz, County-Wide; Lisa Fraizer, County-Wide; Caroline Brown, Haywood Early College; Ann Trader, Hazelwood; Carol Clarke, Hazelwood; Dawn Gudger, Hazelwood; Mandy Williamson, Hazelwood; Sandy Harter, Hazelwood; Ally Francis, Junaluska; Charlie Edwards, Junaluska; Ira Hyde, Junaluska; Katy Robinson, Junaluska; Kristi Blackburn, Junaluska; Marilyn Mcgee, Junaluska; Sarah Scarborough, Junaluska; Sharon Ryan, Junaluska; Carrie Hooper, Jonathan Valley; Haven Guyer, Jonathan Valley; Jennifer Reeves, Jonathan Valley; Mary Mason, Jonathan Valley; Courtney Clinard, North Canton; Kendra Kirkpatrick, North Canton; Valerie Guyer, North Canton; Andrew Burton, Pisgah; Chase Smith, Pisgah; Stephanie Morgan, Pisgah; Emily Burrus, Pisgah; Jenny Rosenbaum, Pisgah; Lisa Cook, Pisgah; Michelle Mahoney, Pisgah; Stephen Parris, Pisgah; Chris Ray, Riverbend; Alison Francis, School Food Service; Angela Pless, School Food Service; Barbara Fowler, School Food Service; Betty Jean McGaha, School Food Service; Brenda Wheeler, School Food Service; Candy McCoy, School Food Service; Chelsea Williams, School Food Service; Cindy Carter, School Food Service; Ginger Moore, School Food Service; Heather Pless, School Food Service; Judy Johnson, School Food Service; Karen Jones, School Food Service; Kathy Roberston, School Food Service; Lek Williams, School Food Service; Lisa Lawerence, School Food Service; Lou Ann Wyatt, School Food Service; Mary Ann Shoaf, School Food Service; Melissa Williams, School Food Service; Robin Rogers, School Food Service; Seana Surrett, School Food Service; Sheila Mcclure, School Food Service; Sherrie Kilby, School Food Service; Sue Donnahoe, School Food Service; Tiva Smith, School Food Service; Vicky Messer, School Food Service; Amy Garner, Tuscola; Jim Davis, Tuscola; Julia Plott, Tuscola; Kari Russell, Tuscola; Lisa Burgin, Tuscola; Megean Wantz, Tuscola; Nathan Messer, Tuscola; Suzanne Miller, Tuscola; Teresa Heinz, Tuscola; Tim Wise, Tuscola; Adam Stewart, Waynesville Middle; Amanda Wells, Waynesville Middle; Elizabeth Vickery, Waynesville Middle; Jennifer Parton, Waynesville Middle; Joel Sellars, Waynesville Middle; Karla Phillips, Waynesville Middle; Neil Rogers, Waynesville Middle; Noal Castater, Waynesville Middle; Sam Bogan, Waynesville Middle; Sheridan Caudle, Waynesville Middle; Stacie Ball, Waynesville Middle; Tara O’laughlin, Waynesville Middle; and William Saxon, Waynesville Middle.

• 2019-20 QuickDraw Art Education Grant Recipients

Kellye Slate, Riverbend/Meadowbook/Clyde; Kara Faust, Canton Middle; Dustin Keyes, Pisgah; Carrie Hooper, Jonathan Valley/Junaluska; Stephanie Kea, Tuscola; Tara O’Loughlin, Waynesville Middle; and Rene Pace, Hazelwood, North Canton.

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