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As we say goodbye to the month of January, some will already have second thoughts about their New Year’s resolutions.

Resolutions take commitment and only produce when they are driven by something deep within us. It might be the need to excel or simply to improve ourselves. But, when we give up early, it’s obvious the solution demanded more than we were willing to give.

It’s far easier to confront a need than it is to make the necessary effort to change it.

For those who cave-in and quit, a cloud of despair sometimes settles in. God, however, has a storehouse of plans to see us through. He knows our hearts and is eager to help us get to our goals.

If they are God driven goals that simply won’t go away, He will put another plan before us if we don’t give up. It’s important not to view the first attempt as a failure. With God, our goal is to keep moving forward.

There are times when we want to give up and simply stay where we are when things don’t go as planned. In scripture, Abraham’s life gives us an example.

Genesis 11:31,32 tells us that Abraham’s father’s name was Terah. He set out to move his family from the land of Ur of the Chaldees into the land of Canaan.

Something, however, side-tracked Terah from reaching this goal. When he got as far as Haran, he stopped his journey. He made the decision to stay in Haran where he finished out his life.

After his death, God called Terah’s son, Abraham, to leave Haran and journey to Canaan. Life is too precious to be like Terah and settle for less. We are good at compromise when the going gets tough. We can point to any number of reasons to stop; fear of failure, lack of vision, or maybe just second guessing ourselves.

If you have a desire to accomplish something that continues to burn inside you, don’t settle. Ask God to show you how to proceed. His plan will work for you, but it will require a commitment to trust Him fully with your future.

There is no compromising with God. A little of life your way, a little His way won’t bring you success any more than it did Terah. Avoid keeping one foot in your back-up plan.

Our goal should be to emulate Abraham. He had such a heart for God, that scripture calls him the friend of God. Imagine such an intimate relationship as that.

If you want to receive God’s best, give Him your best. Then, you’ll be in position for an upgrade in the quality of your life. Faith is not about giving something a try. It’s about going head-long, full-steam forward into a life with the One who wants to “make all things abound toward you.”

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