Problems are inescapable in this life.

God calls Satan “the prince of this world” in John 14:30, so we shouldn’t be surprised that trouble arises from time to time.

But, with our sights firmly fixed on God, these occasions will only be temporary successes for this adversary. As the body of Christ, Christians have an advocate with the Father.

His name is Jesus the righteous. I John 2:1.

Webster’s dictionary says an advocate is like a lawyer, a person who pleads another’s cause. With a defender like Jesus standing before Almighty God, we can rest assured that our pleas will always be heard.

Keep in mind that one of Satan’s tricks is to instill fear. If we allow it, fear can run rampant over our emotions during challenging times.

Here’s the trick to overcome. We can have the upper hand if we stay fixed on the advocate, not the problem. If we view Jesus as our big brother and Satan as the bully, we put the proper spin on the picture we’re seeing.

Everything in life can be viewed from at least two perspectives. Don’t get trapped into thinking that what you see is all there is.

When we look to Jesus, He will shine light on our situation to give us clarity from his perspective. Scripture says Jesus is the Light. When we bring him into the forefront of our problem, darkness has to give way.

Job, in the Bible’s Old Testament, was definitely accosted with trouble. No one gave him good advice—they all judged. Job was a good man, but under extreme pressure as he examined his life, he judged himself righteous.

Notice that Job wasn’t compelled to clean up his life before God delivered him. He only had to recognize that God was his provision as the source of his righteousness. As soon as he unequivocally acknowledged God as his source and repented, he was restored.

We may feel like we aren’t worthy to receive help from God but, regardless of our past, it is Christ who stands before The Almighty in our place. God sees Jesus’s righteousness when we as believers need help.

Our deliverance begins with repentance and follows up with trust.

Today, we live in New Testament times and have Christ as our advocate to depend upon.

He will never leave us. God has placed his Holy Spirit within our hearts for comfort and peace in times of need.

We can stop the trouble-maker from invading our space by filling it with the Word of God. Scripture is powerful and a weapon that will conquer any foe.

Ephesians 6:17 calls the Word of God, “the sword of the Spirit.” This spiritual weapon when used against our spiritual foe will produce death to our enemy and give life to the believer.

Try it! I think you’ll like it.

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