Joseph Thomas beach sunset - God sees pain

It was our last day at the beach and we promised our 9-year-old that we would take him fishing off the pier.

This was our first time together as a family fishing off a pier and within 10 minutes, my oldest caught a catfish. Within another 10 minutes the wind was howling, and a huge rainstorm was upon us.

We decided to take the boys to Alvins Souvenir Shop to buy a T-shirt. Once inside, I browsed through the store. A gentleman in the back of the store was setting up a display of miniature surf boards. As I passed by the Holy Spirit whispered to me to ask this guy how he was doing.

So I asked him, and he turned to me with a look of dismay and said, “All I can say is each day is a gift.”

I agreed and asked how business was going? He said things have not picked up since Covid. I tried to encourage him and was going to leave but the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me.

So I introduced myself and he replied that his name was David. I explained that I was a landscape photographer, and my business has been slower than in years past. I pulled out my phone to my latest post and read him my last post which explains how God will never leave us or forsake us.

He then turned to me and said, “I don’t know you, but I just lost five of my kids and they were casualties in a drunk driving accident 10 days ago.”

His pain was so evident as he began to weep. I began to weep with him.

He then looked at me and apologized for making me also upset. I said no, just a few minutes ago I was fishing on a pier with my family and a storm came out of nowhere, which caused us to leave.

Because of this storm we decided to go shopping and pulled into your souvenir shop out of the three right across the street.

I explained that the Holy Spirit kept urging me to speak to you. I gave David a hug and said that this was a hug directly from God and that God sees your pain and hurt. He hears your prayers and that he loves you very much.

David said just a few days prior he had to make a choice to either blame God or cling to God. He said he chose to cling.

We all have the ability to hear that small voice. The sunset later off the pier with my family was so much sweeter.

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