Roasted Turkey

Each year, The Mountaineer gets Thanksgiving feast tips and tricks from some of the most discerning eaters — kindergartners and first graders.

This year, we spoke to Clyde Elementary students in Tammi Sizemore, Chelsea White and Casey Lutz’s kindergarten classes; Brandy Littrell and Michelle Davis’s first grade classes; and Jessica Perry and Sarah Floyd’s intensive instruction (II) classes.

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“I would go to a food market and cook it in the stove. I’d eat it plain with mashed potatoes, and that’s all.” — Briar Ledford, Mrs. Sizemore’s kindergarten class

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“I would put it on the grill and cook it for 10 minutes. I would put some hot sauce on it, and I would serve it with a biscuit and eggs. I like Thanksgiving. I like to make my mom and dad a card.” — Joel Ross, Mrs. Sizemore’s kindergarten class

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“I would cook it in the oven for 30 minutes. I would buy it from the store, and eat it just plain. I’d eat ham with it.” — Cade Ray, Mrs. Sizemore’s kindergarten class

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“You could put salt on it and pepper. You could put pumpkin syrup on it and get it from the shop. I’d cook it over an hour. I’d eat barbecue sauce on the side.” — Parker Wilson, Mrs. White’s kindergarten class

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“I’ve helped make Thanksgiving dinner. I helped make mashed potatoes. I ask if I can help. I would mash the potatoes. I put gravy on them. I would do green beans with salt and pepper. For dessert, cookies and cake. I would season the turkey with garlic and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. I like when family and friends come over because I can sit and eat next to them.” — Reese Rhinehart, Mrs. White’s kindergarten class

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“You would cook it in a crock pot. I put salt and pepper on it. My mom makes a special homemade sauce. You cook it for 60 minutes. We have one in the freezer. We buy it at Walmart. I would serve mashed potatoes and corn salad with beans, limes, cilantro and lemon.” — Jude Hammon, Mrs. Lutz’s kindergarten class

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“I would probably do a meat that tastes like turkey. I would put it in the oven for probably one hour and get it at the store.” — Piper Gibson, Mrs. Lutz’s kindergarten class

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“I would put in on something hot. I don’t like turkey, I like peanut butter sandwiches. I like that friends get to come over.” — Pepper Hooper, Mrs. Littrell’s first grade class

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“I like Thanksgiving, and when I spend time with family. I have no idea how to cook a turkey. I like to eat it with macaroni. I do help cook turkey with my mom. I’d just cook it in the oven for five or six.” — Addison High, Mrs. Littrell’s first grade class

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“First you have to get a turkey. Then I’d set in the oven for about 30 minutes or so. Then you get it out and season it with salt and boil it in a syrup or seasoning or something and cook it for 10 more minutes. I don’t know much about turkey. My grandma cooks all the time. I like to make sandwiches with baloney or ham. I like deviled eggs. You can either hunt for a turkey or go to the store, but I’d prefer the store.” — Bennett Smith, Mrs. Davis’s first grade class

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“You could put butter on it. I’d cook it in the microwave for 20 or 30 minutes. On Thanksgiving I like to just be lazy and sometimes play. I eat ham and sometimes salad and sometimes chips.” — Owen Best, Mrs. Davis’s first grade class

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“So, you get a turkey and cook it for 5 minutes until it’s done. Pull it out and let it cool down. It’s turkey day so we wear hats and eat eggs.” — Gavin Rhinehart, Mrs. Perry’s II class

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“Well, it’s easy. You just cook it. I’d cook it on the stove, that’s the easiest way. I’d put some nice pepper and black sprinkles on it, but not too much. I like eating potatoes. I like good stuff, not corn.” — Christopher Dooley, Mrs. Floyd’s II class

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