Tonya and Andy Marthaler

Mountaineer file photo

Tonya and Andy Marthaler, owners of Marthaler’s Jewelers in Biltmore Park.


It seems the idea this year, instead of resolutions, is to have a word. I’m late to the game. I needed some inspiration and Valentine’s Day Be Mine inspired me.


This year, I intend to Be. What I am capable of I will Be. To this world. Where it is needed most, and especially where it seems to be needed least. I can’t take credit for this inspiration. It all goes to the innumerable people who model this for me, for each of us, in so many ways. They are more than a feel-good story. These people, of all ages, have found a way to Be for others. In many circumstances in spite of and because of their hardships. In all situations because for them there is not another option other than to Be what is needed.

We are all capable. We can all Be. It requires no grand plan or masterminding of efforts. It can start right now, where you are.

Smile. Set the paper down and hug the ones you love. Every day. Share your talents. Nearby is a school, an organization, a nonprofit that could use your gifts. Yes! Yours! Maybe a place to Be is closer. Perhaps it’s your neighborhood. Your workplace. Be unexpectedly available when someone least expects it and is most need of it. Make eye contact. Ask someone how their day is, really mean it and slow down for the answer. Be a light in someone’s darkness. Be a volunteer. I promise you whether it is an hour a month or an hour a day there is a nonprofit organization that would be so blessed by your time. Be a giver. Of time, money, talent, wisdom, compassion. Pay a debt that someone could never repay. Buy extra groceries for a local food pantry. Be available. Slow down. Take the time that you cannot ever make and be fully present with those you love the most.

By all means, Be. And, know that the world and you will be so much better because of your willingness.

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