Young People Spinning in the fitness gym

Do you only have a short amount of time to workout and you don’t want to “waste time” warming up? Big mistake! Warming up is a crucial step that should never be left out. It allows you to both improve your performance and, most importantly, reduce the risk of injury.

You can get your body ready for physical exertion with one of the following:

  1. A general warmup: A few minutes of walking or cycling, for example, will allow you to raise your body temperature.
  2. A targeted warmup: Do exercises that are similar to the movements you’ll be performing during your workout, focusing on the muscles you’ll be using.

Still don’t feel like you have enough time? Warming up doesn’t necessarily mean that your workout needs to take longer. Simply starting gently and progressively increasing the intensity of your workout is a warmup in itself.

Need help choosing your exercises? Ask a professional trainer or a physical therapist.

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