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Dr. Christopher Wenzel

Dr. Christopher Wenzel is celebrating his 20th anniversary as a head and neck surgeon in Haywood County.

What some may not know is that Dr. Wenzel also sub-specializes in facial cosmetic surgery as a Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. One of his passions is helping patients fight the aging process.

Baby Boomers who once thought they were immortal, now find themselves trying to look as young as they can for their age. This is where Dr. Wenzel has been harnessing new technology and advanced skills to help. Equipped with new tools like Botox, fillers, radio-frequency micro-needling, laser and intense pulsed light, facial plastic surgeons are able to do more than ever before.

In addition, advances in traditional surgeries like facelift, browlift, and eyelid surgery allow surgeons to improve on the already dramatic results that surgery can offer.

Dr. Wenzel describes changes in plastic surgery over the past 20 years as moving from the “nip and tuck” mentality to a “freeze, fill, and lift” approach. “Freezing” or relaxing muscles of the face by using products like Botox allows surgeons to remove wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause them. If done early enough before the wrinkles deepen, they can prevent more permanent aging changes.

To “fill” the face, Dr. Wenzel injects “fillers,” which are basically naturally occurring carbohydrates, into the deep skin layers to put back what aging takes away. These proteins, when injected beneath the skin, attract water and plump the depressed or aged areas. Other treatments stimulate the skin to produce “fillers” naturally, an example being radiofrequency microneedling, a sort of acupuncture for the skin that stimulates collagen production. Finally, in recent years facial plastic surgeons have learned not to just tighten or remove the skin but to “lift” the deeper layers of tissue found under the skin. This brings the tissue back to a more youthful position without just stretching skin and causing the dreaded “operated look”. With special new surgical techniques, Dr. Wenzel is able to offer some surgeries like facelift in the office under local anesthesia with more natural results.

At Wenzel Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Skin Care Center, Dr. Wenzel helps patients explore the options, and the best option will often be determined by the patient’s goals, expectations, and budget.

From topical skin treatments, to lasers and chemical peels, to surgery, check out the options by scheduling a consultation at 828-550-3344 or visiting our website

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