Kim May

Kim May, owner and fitness instructor at The Fitness Connection.

It seems humans naturally focus on those things they find disturbing, uncomfortable or fear and worry inducing. The media is certainly focused there and because the pandemic is on everyone’s mind, we tend to have multiple conversation on this topic throughout the day.

I am of the mind however, we get “more of” what we focus upon, so I have trained myself to always look for the silver linings. Yes, I am the eternal optimist, but research has proven those people with a positive outlook on life live a healthier, longer, and happier lives. I am all for that!

This past May, I began counting the blessings and gifts the COVID shutdown had given me and, in talking to others, many of us have noticed blessings.

First and foremost, the time we were gifted when the Governor enforced Phase 1 of the shut-down which allowed me to stop, reflect and see for the first time in decades the non-stop treadmill I had been on. Running through my day at a break-neck speed, scrambling to get all the errands run, work my business, do the grocery shopping, prepare the meals, do the laundry and cleaning at home and, the list went on.

I would fall into bed exhausted and wake up, jump out of bed and do it all over again. The weeks flew by and weekends even faster. I was moving so fast through my life I was literally robbing myself of the joyous moment’s life had to offer. I was on autopilot and did not realize it and I believe many of us have become aware of this.

After about four weeks at home cleaning closets, organizing, planting, and weeding a garden, I finally reached an epiphany, I did not feel worthy unless I had been productive that day. WOW! Introflection followed and, several other awareness’ arose. Conscious I was the only one pushing myself, I now had the power to change that.

Cognizant I now had more time to be with loved ones…what a gift, and to evaluate how little time I had set aside for self-care brought me to the realization I was falling off my fitness regime…badly. Many of us became rather lethargic during the shutdown allowing our bodies to lose strength and endurance which leads to loss of flexibility and balance.

The good news is the body is incredibly resilient and bounces back quickly once we resume a regular exercise program. In just two hours per week, we can expect excellent results as the body regains vibrance and health with moderate effort. Our immune systems that fights off incoming pathogens, depend heavily on our maintaining a regular exercise program; consistency is key.

Here at the Fitness Connection, we have spent the last few months reconfiguring the gym into “training stations” making our facility completely COVID compliant. We have sold many outdated pieces of equipment and replaced them with new, user friendly pieces designed for ages and fitness levels.

To all those who are missing their workouts, we feel your pain and are here for you. Come by 60 S. Main St. in Waynesville (we are in the back of the building State Farm is in) Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. or on Saturday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to see what we have to offer.

The Fitness Connection is a full-service fitness facility, and our certified Personal Trainers eager to assist you with designing a program that suits your schedule and budget. Visit the website at or call us at 828-734-0073 to make an appointment for a free assessment, a $75 value.

Wishing you a safe and joy-filled holiday season!

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