Pet Peeves Squirrel

When you weigh 11 pounds almost everything is bigger than you. Yep, even that fluffy double-pillow my mom uses on the bed that I love to sleep on that makes her absolutely crazy.

Dander, schmander — I don’t stink!

I know, I know, she sneezes every once in a while and she thinks it’s only me, and not that monstrous dust bunny on the floor.

Oh well, back to being small.

The other day I saw a funny, furry looking thing in the yard. I had never seen it before, so, I barked. And it took off across the driveway like a bat out of you-know-where. Of course, I took off after it and got a nice, stiff tug on my harness. Hello, there’s a body behind that cushy straight jacket.

Then, all of a sudden, that furry little thing jumped up onto a tree and scurried all the way up to the top at Olympic pace.

From then on, my mission has been to discover what that thing is. Truth be told, it’s kind of cute. It has a fluffy tail and little beady eyes. I wonder if it’s a girl?

The next day, the same thing happened as I picked up its odd, earthy scent. There it was. This time it emerged from a tiny hole under the shed and ran across the driveway and up the same tree.

“Squirrel, squirrel,” my mom said as she pointed and laughed looking at me as if chuckling to an inside joke.

I barked and took off after it, remembering not to run too far as to get choked, again.


I have to think of a way to catch it.

Day Three and no squirrel.

Day Four, where the heck is my cute little buddy?

Day Five — “Squirrel, squirrel,” shrieked my Mom, which sent me into a tizzy.

Then, that night, my Dad squished my favorite squeaky plushie and yelled, “Squirrel, squirrel.” No doubt my humans have built a game around me.

OK, so I’ll play along. They get so excited when my eyes get as big as buttons and my ears stand to attention.

Who am I to deprive them of their silly squirrel game.

It’s all good, and I even got a treat afterward and a nice scratch to the top of my head.

Life is good.

Now where’s that double pillow. All this excitement has made me sleepy.

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