OMG, my worst nightmare just came true.

First I had to contend with short people drinking out of the Main Street water bowls and now, you guessed it, CATS!

You heard me ... CATS! Or at least a cat!

And one on a leash, no less.

I mean, seriously?

Is this a mountain thing or what? I overheard the cat’s Dad telling my Mom he was visiting from South Carolina.

Now I didn’t want to be rude, but I actually had to stand in line behind the crusty fur ball and wait for it to finish before I could take a sip.

With my bros I just nudge my way in. It helps cuz I’m what they call stubby, OK, short, whatever — everyone moves aside pretty easy. I still get the strange looks, but by then it's slurping time.

But a cat? C’mon, and one on a leash no less with everyone gathering around  to say how “cute” it was.

No one was paying me any attention, and I was sporting my super cute mossy green argyle sweater. Yes, I know, I said “super cute.”

As if attention-getting wasn’t already prioritized behind plump little puppies, now I have to contend with being pushed behind a cat on a leash?

I get it, everyone loves a puppy. Hey, I was a puppy once. But a cat?

No way.

There are rules, you know.

I just hope I don’t get cat cooties.

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