When you weigh 11 pounds almost everything is bigger than you. Yep, even that fluffy double-pillow my mom uses on the bed that I love to sleep on that makes her absolutely crazy. Read more

Do not — I repeat — Do not put me in water. I will fight you. I don’t need to be cleaned. I can do it myself. You know that barbed, sticky tongue I have? Yeah, that will clean my fur coat just fine. Read more

I like to sleep. It's just the truth. I'm a cat, and we can sleep anywhere from 15-20 hours a day. Wanna know why? Because we can. And because we are hard-wired to chase and hunt. Like a predator. But we don't do this during the day. No, we s… Read more

When the sun is shining, I love nothing more than to take a cozy nap in the sunshine spot on the bed. Sometimes, I even lounge on the window sill and sunbathe like a nudist. Read more

OK, I admit it, the first time I saw a ball of hair balancing up on the top of some dude’s head at the corner coffee shop I thought he had lost it. Read more

There's nothing better than a refreshing drink from a just-flushed toilet ... except maybe some droplets from a drippy wet bathtub. Read more

My human is so silly. She thinks she can hide her delicious flaked sea meat from me. Doesn't she know about my primal sense of smell? Read more

(Editor’s note: ‘Pet Peeves’ will only appear online, but here’s a sampling of what readers will be missing if they don’t visit the blog regularly.) Read more