In a story in the Oct. 24 issue titled “Maggie election could hinge on Ghost Town dream,” it was stated Maggie Valley Alderwoman Twinkle Patel was supportive of Ghost Town, LLC Managing Member Frankie Wood and has backed measures pushed by the developer relating to annexation and zoning issues.

Even though Waynesville’s oldest country club is deep into a renovation process that’s poised to transform the property while maintaining its historic character, now could be a great time to join the club.

MAGGIE VALLEY — When Frankie Wood came to Maggie Valley in 2019 with promises of returning Ghost Town in the Sky to its former splendor, his ideas quickly caught the attention of those nostalgic about the past and hopeful for a prosperous future.

In mid-June, the COVID caseload in Haywood was in the green zone, averaging just a couple cases per week. Since then, the numbers — and deaths — reached new highs, but are now solidly on a downward trend.

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Most readers will recognize the title of this article as coming from the famous story of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” by English author Lewis Carroll.